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Yes, it is! Dateolicious.com offers all the features of the other sites in addition to some we cooked up ourselves. A few include:

Dateolicous.com is a new site and if you like what you see, help us make our presence known worldwide by helping get the word out. To do so, click the link to refer a friend. Additionally, you can solidify yourself as a member of our site by becoming friends with us on our Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter fan pages. Additionally, look for our Dateolicious App coming to an Iphone near you soon.

Lastly, here at Dateolicious.com we will never, ever charge you to meet your special someone. It is free forever and forever free of ludicrous gimmickry.

Trademark Licensing: Small to Large conglomerates, the Dateolicious.com (Dateolicious!) trademark is now available for licensing. This trademark can be placed on valentine candy, bears, toys, teenage jewelry, cards, etc. The NAME sells itself. Dateolicious! Please contact us via the contact form.

It’s simple really… Our goal is to foster a absolutely 100% free dating site for daters the world over to come and enjoy the best dating experience known to man and woman. And yeah, totaly destroy the competition. Join us and help us achieve your goal and ours. :-)

1. Dateolicoius or not – This is part of the site where you can rate various users on how Dateolicoius they are. When we say dateolicous we are referring to if they are actually someone who you would have the urge to date.

2. Forums - we thought it best to offer more than just your typical dating experience. With our forums you can discuss various dating and not so dating topics, learn from more experience daters, and just get to meet new and exciting people for friendship or more.

3. Dateolicious Maps - With the help of Google, you can now get a real-time geographical account of your potential date whereabouts. It won’t be exact, but it will be close.

4. Videos on Profile - With the help of YouTube, you can embed a YouTube video about yourself.

5. Date Ideas - Have you ever wondered what would be the best thing to do on a date? No need to worry now. Date ideas allow you to share and receive date ideas with other daters on Dateolicious. It is one of the best features we have.

Hello!, Thanks for taking the time out of your busy dating schedule to learn more about Dateolicious.com. Official Blog! Dateolicious.com was started by me, Jason. As a once avid user of many of the major free and not so free dating sites out there, I felt I could do vastly better, by both offering a aesthetically pleasing dating environment where daters the world over can come and interact with one another, as well as by offering a totally 100% free site, exclusive of upgrades, and other gimmickry. We are here to serve you and in doing so we server ourselves.


Our Goal

It’s so Dateolicious

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